Animal Health Division

Halewood Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and markets unique range of Veterinary products to keep animals healthy and productive.

Ours Animal Health Products fall in the categories of Feed Supplements including Vitamin Mix and Mineral Mix & Electrolytes with Vitamin C to fights with Stress.

The main objective of Animal Health Division is focused towards welfare of farmers. Productivity and preventive products are promoted by meeting farmers directly and by organizing mass campaigns, selling and by demonstration.

Our prime customer is veterinarian who is regularly met by our field force to generate prescription to keep the animals healthy and productive.

Food & Beverages Division

The Divisions mission :

"Is to provide products of international quality for better health care of Livestock and Poultry, at most economical price so that farmers can earn higher profits due to improved productivity"

Product List :

  • Vitamins based premix
  • Minerals based premix
  • Veterinary Tablets
  • Veterinary ORS
  • Veterinary Bolus

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