Manufacturing Facility

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is located at Vatva, which is about 15 km from Ahmedabad city. The site is located in Vatva G.I.D.C. phase II, 0.5 kilometer from Vatva Railway Station. The locality has excellent infrastructure like roads, streetlights, underground drainage system, ETP system etc.

The Plant is provided with a new water purification system, excellent manufacturing and packing equipment..

The Production Department is located in two separate buildings

General Pharmaceutical Block : For general category formulations of Pharmaceutical products.

Isolated Formulation Block: For Manufacturing of ORAL RE-HYDRATION SALTS

The factory has excellent infrastructure like roads, streetlights, under ground drainage system, ETP system etc. The Plant is provided with a new water purification system, excellent manufacturing and packing equipment.

The company infrastructure consists of separate manufacturing facilities for Tablets & ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) and has made provisions in the facilities for suitable environment with controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Along with latest machinery for production and packaging of products, separate setups for storage of raw materials and ingredients with facilities for required storage environment are also a part of the overall infrastructure.

The Production Department includes Granulation, Compression & Coating and Primary & Secondary Packaging Division.The service department includes Raw Materials Stores, Packing Materials Stores, Finished Goods Warehouse, Quality Control Laboratory & Quality Assurance, Security Department, Account & Administration and Industrial Safety Section under Engineering Department.

Production Capacity

Our production handling capacities for the various products are as follows:

Pharmaceutical Division:
  • Tablets - 10 million tablets per day
  • Capsules - 0.3 million per day
  • ORS / other oral powder Sachets - 0.5 million per day

Food Division:
  • Manufacturing - Dry Granules powder: 15000 Kg per day
  • Capsules - 0.3 million per day
  • Packing - 100000 pouches per day
Tetra Pak ready to drink Division :
  • Tetra Pak Units - 0.4 Million units per day

Hygiene Requirements

The plant has provided suitable washing, changing and rest areas for employees and visitors. The dress code for employees is suitably decided to meet the requirement of the job they perform. The dress provided for workmen include Shirt, Pant, Cap, footwear, safety goggles and necessary safety appliances. For female workers, suitable ladies dress is provided taking into consideration the job requirement. The SOP on clothing clearly describes their routine replacement and laundering. Personnel are positively discouraged from displaying long hair and nails.

Add Area Size

  • Plot Area - 2719 mtrs
  • Built Up Area - Ground floor-684.40mtrs, First floor-992.40mtrs

Manufacturing Areas

The facility is made of concrete structure, with firm and smooth surfaces, properly coved corners. All fittings and fixtures are flushed. Use of wood and asbestos is avoided in the plant.

The manufacturing facilities are of adequate size and designed to meet unidirectional flow of material and segregated movement of people working in production, packing and maintenance. All manufacturing, packaging, storage and holding areas are maintained in a clean and orderly fashion to minimize the possibility of error.

Walls, floors and ceiling are constructed of hard non-porous , non- shedding material using best quality of cement and concrete. This surfaces are able to with stand repeated hot water and detergent cleaning operations. All the surfaces are finished with smooth non pealing paints which are easy to access for cleaning.

The manufacturing and processing areas are specially treated with epoxy resin material to make it totally joint free, hard and impervious.

The flooring is of kota stone in all areas and epoxy coated in manufacturing and processing areas and all the corners in whole building layout area are coved to facilitate cleaning and to prevent accumulation of dust

Sr. No. Particulars Finishes
1 Buildings RCC Structure
2 Epoxy Kota Stone
3 Ceilings Gypsum Board
4 Doors Flush and Smooth Aluminum Finish
5 Windows Flush and Smooth Aluminum Finish
6 Joints and Corners Coved with Epoxy Coating
7 Finishes Smooth
8 Lights Flush and Smooth Finish