Food & Beverages Division

  • Ready to drink Energy Drink (with Taurine and Caffeine & slim can packing). Specialty product
  • Instant Drink powder (In various flavors / with and without sugar)
  • Calorie free powders and tablets (Aspartame / Sucralose / Sugar free)
  • Milk based health drink powders
  • Protein powder with different formulations
  • Glucose – D powder. (Various flavors)
  • Vitamin Premixes
  • Jaljeera- Spice based drink powder
  • Sodium free salt. (NaCl)
  • Liquid Mouth Wash
  • Isapgol (psyllium) Husk with effervescent/with FOS
  • Energy Drink powder with zinc element
  • Hangover in Control capsules
  • Sex enhancer capsules
Food & Beverages Division