• ORS Sachet / Powder
  • Tetrapack ORS
  • ORS Effervescent
  • ORS Sachet / Powder

    Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) is a simple treatment for dehydration caused by diarrhea, cholera, too much exposure to heat etc. ORS consists of combination Salts and Sugar which can be taken by mouth (orally). It is used around the world and specifically in the developing nations where it saves the lives of many children suffering from dehydration due to diarrhea, second leading cause of death amongst children under the age of five.


    ORS is a specialty product of Halewood Laboratories. Since over a decade Halewood labs has been pioneer in making temperature sensitive products, majority of them being ORS. Presently Halewood is having one of the highest ORS manufacturing capacities in India. The manufacturing is been carried out in the state of the art facility in which we cater to various MNCs all over the world. The production capacity of ORS is approximately 15 million pouches every month facilitated by High speed horizontal and vertical FFS machines at our production unit.

    We have carved our niche in this product due to our rigorous quality check procedures and by fulfilling the commitments to deliver high quality goods as per customer needs and requirements. One of the other reasons of our success in this product is because we offer it in various flavors (as mentioned below).We manufacture ORS in both WHO approved formulas as well as other customized requirements.

  • TetraPack ORS

    We were pioneer in the country in manufacturing of Instant Drink Powder and Ready to drink TetraPack ORS.
    ORS is consumed by those who are in urgent need of energy, carbs, glucose etc i.e. generally patients. Due to illness the taste buds of an individual are not in the perfect state. At this stage our Tetra pack ORS comes into play as it is available with natural juices which will make it not only absolutely palatable but also will make you crave for more. So medically it becomes easy for the patient/ kids to consume this mixture of salts and dextrose with energy.


    Further advantages are the ready availability of the pack that is very handy in term of its size. It can be carried in a bag or purse easily and can be consumed in emergency or when feel fatigue. Its ready to drink feature can add on a lot of benefits when emergency arises.
    At present, we are one of the leading manufacturers for all the major pharmaceutical companies in India and distributors of wide range of pharmaceutical dosage forms under different therapeutic segments viz Anti-Tuberculosis, Anti-Malarial, Anti-Biotic, Cardiovascular, Anti-Diabetic etc.

  • ORS Effervescent

    ORS is a combination that consists mainly of different salts. If the body loses more fluid than it takes in, this can result in dehydration. To enable the intestines to obtain fluid from food residues, glucose (grape sugar) and minerals are important. ORS contributes to avoid dehydration in children and adults which can be caused for instance by diarrhea. The usual dosage form for ORS is in sachet, but we were convinced that a better form was possible. The composition of the tablet is based on the guidelines of the WHO. We succeeded to combine a lot of advantages in our product.

    The major advantages of the effervescent tablets are:
    • Convenience and speed
    • Quick disintegration time
    • Completely dissolves, no remaining residues
    • Great taste: Fresh lemon and Strawberry flavor
    • Premium product. A premium and unique dosage form, much more appreciated than sachet
    • The customer recognizes the advantages and is willing to pay a premium
    Packet sizes and volumes
    The ORS effervescent tablets are available in
    • Tubes with 24 tablets – minimum batch size 10.080 tubes
    • Tubes with 12 tablets – minimum batch size 20.160 tubes