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Welcome to Halewood Laboratories


Welcome to Halewood Laboratories site. Halewood Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1984 and is a manufacturing unit having specialization in contract manufacturing for Food and Pharmaceuticals divisions under Loan License, Third Party License/ P2P and Private Label Business arrangements. Over the period of time we have been involved in operations with various world leaders and MNCs in food and pharmaceutical industries.

In years 1991-'99, the company was engaged in job work for the esteemed companies like Cadila Laboratories Ltd, Rasna Enterprise Pvt. Ltd and Ipca Laboratories Ltd. for manufacturing of Tablets, capsules and Rasna Instant Drink as per GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices.

We were pioneer in the country in manufacturing of Instant Drink Powder and Ready to drink TetraPack ORS..

ORS is consumed by those who are in urgent need of energy, carbs, glucose etc i.e. generally patients. Due to illness the taste buds of an individual are not in the perfect state.
At this stage our Tetra pack ORS comes into play as it is available with natural juices which will make it not only absolutely palatable but also will make you crave for more. So medically it becomes easy for the patient/ kids to consume this mixture of salts and dextrose with energy.
Further advantages are the ready availability of the pack that is very handy in term of its size. It can be carried in a bag or purse easily and can be consumed in emergency or when feel fatigue. Its ready to drink feature can add on a lot of benefits when emergency arises.

At present, we are one of the leading manufacturers for all the major pharmaceutical companies in India and distributors of wide range of pharmaceutical dosage forms under different therapeutic segments viz Anti-Tuberculosis, Anti-Malarial, Anti-Biotic, Cardiovascular, Anti-Diabetic etc.



  •   Largest Manufacturer of Oral        Re-hydration Salts (ORS) in        Gujarat State
  •   Pioneer in Ready to Drink Tetra        Pack ORS
  •   State-of-Art Tablet Making Facility
  •   Qualified & Trained Human        Capital
  •   Provide Customised Product        Solutions